Mittwoch, 19. November 2014

Feels like christmas (1)

Finally it's the time of the year again. Christmas time is my absolutly favourite time, this is why i start  mine very early. I already baked christmas cookies and listening to christmas music all day long, and today I decorated some parts of my room a little bit christmasy, I'm very happy with it even if it's not that much. At this time I just hung up some lights and stuff and a few decorations BUT.. in a few days,some more christmas decorations will follow.

Sonntag, 9. November 2014

Autumn Inspiration

There are a few people, who in my opinion have a great style, and Zoella is one of my all time favourite. I love to watch all her videos and every time I  admire her style, her outfit, hair and make up, she's just great. But also the style of Taylor Swift is one I like, not every outfit but many of them. Another person that I really like is Karlie Kloss, I really like her style but mostly her summer and spring style, but with the last outfit she showed a autumny oufit I really liked. 


Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Autumnal Shoes

Just want to show you guys my new autumn shoes, I  bought them like 3 weeks ago and I absolutly love them. This are the most comfortable and greatest shoes I own and I want to wear them every single day, I almost do I think. They are from H&M and around 40 €. Love . them .  soo much. 

Sonntag, 21. September 2014

October wishlist

1. "Detroit Eagles" Jumper H&M 24,99 EUR/ 20 GBP
2. "Vilia" Jeans Selected ( 89,95 EUR/ 70 GBP
3. "Suede and leather" Holdall Topshop 85 EUR/ 65 GBP
4."Daphne" fringe suede sandals Micheal Kors ( 450 EUR/ 395 GBP
5. "Animal print" Coat Topshop 105 EUR/ 83 GBP
6. "Tania Patch" Jeans Vero Moda ( 59,95 EUR/ 47 GBP
7."Chelsa" Boot Sixtyseven ( 149,95 EUR / 117 GBP
8."Gold" Sneaker Bronx ( 109.95 EUR / 86 GBP
9. "Animal print" Ankle Boot River Island ( 99.95 EUR / 78 GBP
10. "143" Jacket Goosecraft ( 180 EUR / 141 GBP
11. "Dark Night" Faux Leather Jacket Topshop 72 EUR /  54 GBP

Mittwoch, 20. August 2014

Naked 2 and Co.

Hey guys, in the last two weeks I got some new make up stuff which I really love. I love every single think and I'm so happy that I bought them. I needed a new mascara and I knew from a friend that the Artdeco All in one Mascara would be a good choice and I after a few days of using him I was so happy with him. But after a few weeks, he's still good, you know, but he gets cloggy and I think it gets worse. I think I have to look for another good one and I'm thinkig about buying the benefit 'they're real' mascara or the smashbox 'full exposure' mascara. Don't really know yet.

I also bought the 'the POREfessional" from benefit, because I saw some of my favourite youtuber using it, like Ingrid  Nilsen from missglamorazzi and Niomi Smart and they seemd to like it so I thought I would give it a try. And I really like it, I used it like 7 times since I bought it and it really minimize my pores and my make up stays in place.

    Then I bought two 'I love..' products. The handwash in raspberry and blackberry and the bodysoap in mango and papaya and, oh my.., it smells so good. I got nothing else to say about them I just love them

  I also bought the batiste dry shampoo in cherry. I just bought it in travel size to try it and only used it like once but it did a good job.

And the M.A.C brush cleanser. I don't really know about it, it cleaned my make up brushes well but now some of the big powder brushes feel kind of weird. I will try it a few times more and decide what to think about it. 

I also got the Urban Decay Makeup setting spray in travel size and I'm sure I will buy the big size after this little one is empty. It's such a great product. My makeup last all day and night even if my face gets a little sweaty my makeup stays and that is great.

Them m.a.c eyeshadow in charcoal brown is like the perfect color for my eyebrows I bought it for that and it's awesome. Another favourite youtuber of mine, Tanya Burr, is using this eyeshadow for her brows so often and it looks always incredible this is why I had to buy it and I regret nothing.

This Eye pencil from m.a.c is in the color ebony which isn't the color I wanted. I wanted coffee because brown doesn't look this hard as black does, but I think I like this color too.

And now my favourite product of all the makeup products I own. The NAKED 2 pallet from Urban Decay. After I tried the eyeshadows I thought I will never use another eyeshadow again. The colors are very pigmented and they look so beautiful I can't even discribe. I can't even say which color I love the most because I really love them all so much. I also really want the NAKED 3 pallet because I think the light pinks look great on green eyes. 


                     View up on the Prague Castle.

 View from the Vltava River.

 Hallo ihr lieben, ich hatte das Glück für einen Tag die unbeschreiblich schöne Stadt Prag besuchen zu können. Die Aussicht von einer Fahrt auf der Moldau ist wirklich eindrucksvoll und die Straßen mit ihren unglaublichen Häusern bringen mich immer wieder zum staunen. Allerdings ist es dort so hügelig, dass jeder Meter unglaublich anstrengend ist und der Weg hoch zur Prager Burg ist die Hölle, dafür ist der Ausblich den man von dort oben hat unbeschreiblich toll. Ich hätte mir wirklich ein paar mehr Tage dort gewünscht um einen noch besseren Eindruck von der Schönheit Prags zu bekommen.

Hey guys, I was able to visit Prague for one day. The view from a cruise on the Vltava River in Prague is really impressive and the streets with the incredible houses are stunning. Though, it's really really hilly and every meter is extremly exhausting. The way up to the Prague Castle is hell, but the view is indescribably beautiful. I wished I would have had some more days there for an even better impression. 

Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2014


                                                                        View from the "Dresden Frauenkirche"( so many stairs! )

                                                                                    The Best Burger I've ever eaten! (From BeatnBurger) love their food so much.

           Two of my lovely and beautiful friends and and I in one of the pretty parks. 

Ich war eine wunderschöne Woche lang in Dresden, einer der schönsten Städte die ich bisher gesehen habe, ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass ich Dresden so in mein Herz schließen würde, aber die schönen alten Häuser, die vielen niedlichen Parks und die Leute haben es mir einfach angetan. Ich hoffe, dass ich möglichst bald wieder die Gelegenheit habe dort hin zu kommen.

I was in Dresden for a beautiful week, it's one of the most beautiful citys I've seen so far! I never thought that I would love it so much. But the pretty old houses, all the pretty parks and the people convinced me. I really hope I can go there again any time soon. See ya! :)